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Choosing a psychotherapist is a very personal decision.  Assuming competency, the letters after a clinician's name matter less than their experience, knowledge and capacity for empathy. 

To borrow from business jargon, "satisfied customers" are your best source for referrals. Until the internet, new patients came to me because of a referral by someone who knew me well and could vouch for my skill.  This still happens, of course.  Neverthess, many people now contact me because I'm on their insurance plans and have an office near their home or work. 

If psychotherapists were easily interchangable, insurance coverage and geography would be adequate for selection.  Unfortunately, they're not.  The purpose of my website is to tell you something about me and my work and, hopefully, to answer some of your immediate questions.

I started my medical career as a family practitioner and switched to psychiatry when I discovered it was a better fit for the style of medicine I practiced.  According to the World Health Organization, 40-60% of the problems patients bring to primary care physicians are emotional.  As a psychiatrist, I have the luxury of time to listen to and respond to your concerns.

The mind-body approach to health and illness has been around for decades even though it wasn't fully integrated into medical practice.  In recent years, it has gained scientific credibility through contemporary technology that allows us to image the living human brain.  In addition, genetic mapping is beginning to help us learn what kinds of health problems are coded in our DNA. 

Now, more than ever, integrative care through a comprehensive biopsychosocial approach has become the gold standard.  

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