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Medical Training and Service

Karen Johnson, M.D.
5017 Palmetto Ave #68
, Pacifica, CA 94044-1036
Phone: 415-647-2353    E-fax: 888-960-9079  EM: drkarenjohnson@hushmail.com

1966-70    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1970  B.A., Communications
1971-72    University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, Post-grad, Communications
1972-76    Michigan State University (MSU), College of Human Medicine, E. Lansing, MI 1976  M.D., Medicine
1977-81    MSU Affiliated Hospitals, E. Lansing, MI Resident, Psychiatry
1981-82    Univ. of Ill. Med. Center, Chicago, IL, Fellow, Medical Education

1977-present  Medical license, Michigan
1981 Certified, American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry (Field: Psychiatry)
1985-present  Medical license, California

1976-77    Department of Family Practice, Specialist, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State Univ., E. Lansing, MI
1977-81    Department of Psychiatry,    Instructor and Resident, Michigan State Univ., E. Lansing, MI
1981-82    Center for Educational Development, Visiting Instructor and Fellow, Univ. of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago
1982-85    Univ. of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago    Asst. Prof., Health Prof. Ed. & Asst. Clinical Prof. Psychiatry
1988-00    University of California, San Francisco, California    Asst. Clinical Prof. Psychiatry
1994-98    Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Stanford University, Stanford, CA    Clinical Scholar in Women's Health
1998-00    Women’s Health Research Center. Stanford University, Stanford, CA    Senior Scholar in Women’s Health

1993    Community Service Award, American Medical Women's Association
1994    Honors Award, The National Association of Women's Health Professionals, The Women's Foundation, SF

1976-78    Society for Teachers of Family Medicine
1976-78    American Academy of Family Physicians
1977-79    Society for Health and Human Values
1980-2000    American Women's Medical Association
1982-85    Illinois Psychiatric Association
1982-94    American Orthopsychiatric Association
1982-94    American Psychiatric Association
1985-94    Northern California Psychiatric Association
1986-2000    Association of Women Psychiatrists
1990-2000    Jacobs Institute of Women's Health, founding member
1990-2000    American Psychological Association, Psychology of Women (Division 35), Affiliate Member
1991-present    The Author's Guild
1992-96    Physicians for a National Health Program
1992-96    The Women's Health Specialty Project, co-founder
1993-2000    National Association of Women's Health Professionals
1994-2000    Physicians for a Violence-Free Society, charter member
1994-2000    American Medical Writers Association
1995-97    American Educational Research Association, Education in the Professions (Division I)
                 National Academy of Women's Health Medical Education
1996         American College of Women's Health Physicians, co-founder

1985-91    American Psychiatric Association, Film Subcommittee
1991-93    American Medical Women's Association, Curriculum in Women's Health Subcommittee
1992-93    Association of Women Psychiatrists, Research in Women's Health Committee
1992-96    The Women's Health Project, Spokesperson
1993-95    National Association of Women's Health Professionals, Physician Liaison
1994-95    Women's Health Advisory Committee, Department of Public Health, San Francisco
1996-99    American College of Women's Health Physicians, Treasurer
1999         American College of Women’s Health Physicians, Advisory Board
2001         Women's Health @ Stanford, Advisory Board

1981-82 “Medical Education: A Feminist Perspective,” Center for Educational Development, Univ of Illinois at Chicago. (Sponsor: Pew Memorial Trust)
1994-98    “Voices of Working Class Women: A Feminist Critique of Medicine” with Wetona Suzanne Eidson, Institute for Research on Women & Gender, Stanford Univ.  (Sponsors: Dr. Terry Gross & Scott Gross and Alice & Tom Frayne)

1985-94    Women's Health Advisor, Whittle Communications
1996         Women's Health in the Curriculum: A Resource Guide for Faculty--Undergraduate, Residency and Continuing Education, 1966         Ntnl Academy Women's Health Med Education
1966         Directory of Residency and Fellowship Programs in Women's Health, U.S. Public Health Service's Office on Women's     Health, DHHS


    First International Conference on Women's Health, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1984  (paper)
    International Conference on Women's Health, Toronto, Canada, 1996  (U.S. co-advisor)
    Association of Administrators in Ambulatory Services, 1983 (invited lecture)
    American Educational Research Association, 1983 (paper)
    American Orthopsychiatric Association, 1984 (paper)
    Association of American Medical Colleges, 1984 (paper)
    American Psychiatric Association, 1980 (paper), 1986 (symposium), 1987 (film),
    1988 (film), 1989 (symposium and film), 1990 (film),  1991 (film)
    National Women's Health Resource Center Conference, Washington, D.C., 1990 (panel)
    Michigan Primary Care Preceptorship Program, 1976-77 (workshop)
    Michigan Society of Family Practice, 1977 (workshop coordinator)
    Mid-Michigan American Women's Medical Association, 1981 (lecture)

1980    St. George's University School of Medicine, Granada, West Indies
            Michigan Pharmacists Association (2 lectures)
1982    Psychiatric Grand Rounds, Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago
            Research Seminar, Center for Health Administration, Univ. of Chicago
            Seminar, Center for Educational Development, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago
1983    Study commissioned by the American Association of Medical Colleges (co-author)
           Various presentations for medical educators and trainees (3)
1985    Stanford Medical School (workshop)
            Presentations on women's health for health care professionals (2)
1986    Univ. of Calif. at Berkeley Medical School (seminar)
            City College School of Nursing (invited lecture)
1987    Lectures to medical trainees, Stanford (1), Burlingame (1)
           Church Career Development, Menlo Park (invited lecture)
1988   Lectures, McGann Women and Health Series, Stanford (2)
          National Assoc. of Directors of Women's Health Programs, Chicago
          Bay Area American Association of Women Radiologists,  Burlingame, CA
1989  Lecture for women in health care management, Baton Rouge, LA
          Lecture, American Physical Therapy Association, California Chapter, SF
          Lecture, McGann Women and Health Series, Stanford
1990  Lectures for medical trainees, Stanford, CA (2), Burlingame, CA (1)
          Mills College, Oakland, CA (invited lecture)
1991  Lecture, American Medical Student's Association Annual Meeting
         West Valley College, Saratoga, CA (invited lecture)
         Keynote, Women's Health Issues in the '90s, Bronson Hospital, Kalamazoo, MI
         Psychiatric Grand Rounds, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco
         Lecture, Women in Science, UCSF
         Lecture for medical trainees, Stanford, CA
         Lecture, McGann Women and Health Series, Stanford
1992 Seminar, Institute for Health Policy Studies, UCSF
         Lecture, American Medical Women's Association, Sacramento Branch
        Speaker, telecommunications conference, University of Nebraska
        Lecture, Women's Center, UCSF
        Keynote address, National Symposium on Women's Health Care, San Diego, CA
        Presentation, Reframing Women's Health, UIC, Chicago, IL
        Presentation, McGann Women and Health Series, Stanford
1993 Presentation, San Mateo Psychiatric Residency Training Program
        Presentation, Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health, Washington, D.C.
        Presentation, Northern California Psychiatric Association, Asilomar, CA
        Seminar, Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Stanford, CA
        Seminar, Institute for Health Policy Studies, UCSF
        Presentation, Association of Women in Science, San Francisco
        Lecture, Association for the Health Enrichment of Large People, San Francisco
        Presentation, First Annual Congress on Women's Health, Washington, D.C.
        Presentation, Family Practice Residency, Sylvania, OH
        Presentation, Family Practice Update, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, OH
        Presentation for the first year medical class, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
        Presentations for medical staff (2), Condell Medical Center, Libertyville, IL
        Keynote, National Association of Women's Health Professionals, Chicago, IL
        Testimony, Senate Committee on Insurance, Claims and Corporations, San Francisco
1994 Presentation, American Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology, San Diego
         Presentation, San Francisco State Health Service
         Presentations, Mills College, Oakland, CA (2)
         Grand Rounds, Department of Ob-Gyn, UCSF
         Grand Rounds, Department of Family Medicine, San Francisco General Hospital
         Presentation, Second Annual Symposium: Trends in Female Health Care, Charleston, SC
         Presentation, Second Annual Congress on Women's Health, Washington, D.C.
        Workshop, Developing a Women's Health Curriculum, University of Illinois at Chicago
        Panel participant, National Primary Healthcare Day, Stanford, CA
1995 Mills College, Oakland, CA (2 invited lectures)
         Workshop, National Primary Healthcare Day, Stanford, CA
1996 Mills College, Oakland, CA (invited lecture)
2000 Workshop, Northern California Psychiatric Association, Monterey, CA

1982-present    Attended sufficient continuing education courses to maintain certification
1995                  Audited two graduate courses, School of Education, Stanford University
                          Attended Leadership Training, Summer Seminar, Stanford University

School of Medicine, Stanford University
1994-96    Women's Health Clinical Clerkship Committee

College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
1973-76    Dean's Advisory Committee
1976-77    College Curriculum Committee
1977    Accreditation Committee and Track II Committee

Department of Family Practice  
1976    Bylaws Committee
1976-77    Undergraduate Curriculum Subcommittee (Chair) and Graduate Curriculum Committee
Department of Psychiatry  
1979-81    Policy Committee, Psychiatry Residency


F   1987    Psychiatry 170.17  In charge, gave all 10 lectures  1 1/2 units  
W  1989    Psychiatry 170.17  Co-led with Dr. Nanette Gartrell, 11 lectures 1 1/2 units
W  1990    Psychiatry 170.17  Co-led with Dr. Nanette Gartrell, 11 lectures 1 1/2 units
W  1991-96    Psychiatry 170.20  Co-led with Dr. Nanette Gartrell, 10 lectures 1 1/2 units

1977    Family Practice, Introduction to the Family, Instructor
    Clinical Skills, Interpersonal Recall Process, Instructor
1979    Clinical Skills Instructor, History and Physical Exam
1979-80    Self-Care for Medical Students

1974-75    Elective for high school students on medical ethics
1976-77    Clerkship Coordinator, Focal Problems, Family Practice, MSU
1976-78    Student Advisor for MSU medical students
1977         Coordinator, 48-week Experimental Ambulatory Clerkship, MSU
1977-80    Medical Self-Care  (College wide courses and adult education)
1979-80    Psychiatry for OB-GYN Residents, MSU
1982-83    Psychiatry for Primary Care Physicians, Ill. Masonic Med. Center, U. of Ill.
1982-85    Psychotherapy Seminar for Med. Students, IMMC, Univ. of Ill.
                 Psychotherapy  Supervision, Psychology Interns, IMMC
1987         Lectures on women's health for medical students, UCSF (2)
1992         Lecture on women's health for medical students, UCSF
1993-95    Lectures on women's health for medical students, UCSF (3)
1994         Presentation on midlife women's health, Medical Student Grand Rounds, UCSF
1995         Lecture, Women's Health and Sexuality, Stanford University    
                 Lecture, Women's Health Research, Stanford University
1997        Lecture, Women’s Health as a Medical Specialty, Stanford University    

1993-95    Renée Williard, graduate student, School of Pharmacy, UCSF
1994-96    Emily Cronback, pre-med student, Mills College
1994-98    Wetona Suzanne Eidson, Joint Program UC Berkeley School of Public Health &
                 UC San Francisco, School of Medicine
1995-1998    Chris Carlucci, M.D., resident, internal medicine, Stanford
                 Faculty sponsor, Stanford Student Branch, Am College of Women’s Health Physicians


1986    K. Johnson, "Women's Health: A New Specialty," Report of the Third Annual Ross
            Planning Associates Symposium, Columbus, Ohio, pp. 13-19.
1987    K. Johnson, "Women's Health Care: An Innovative Model," Women, Power, and Therapy,
            Haworth Press, pp. 305-311.
1990    K. Johnson and L. Dawson, "Women's Health as a Multidisciplinary Specialty:
           An Exploratory Proposal," J Am Wom Med Assoc, Vol. 45, No. 6, pp. 222-224.
           K. Johnson, "The Glass Ceiling: Barriers to Equality Between Female and Male Physicians," unpublished manuscript.
 1991-94    K. Johnson, Contributing Editor, Women's Health Forum
 1992        K. Johnson, "Women's Health: Developing a New Interdisciplinary Specialty,"
           Journal of Women's Health, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1992, pp. 95-99.
          M. Martin and K. Johnson (Book review ~ Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women by
Susan                                     Faludi), "Lashing Back," Synapse, Feb. 13, 1992, p.3.              
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        The Role of Medical Specialization," Reframing Women's Health: A Sourcebook for Multidisciplinary Research and Practice,             Sage Publications, 1994.
1995 E. Hoffman and K. Johnson, "Women's Health and Enhancing Generalism in Internal Medicine," Journal of General Internal              Medicine, 10, no. 1, 1995, pp. 451-454.
E. Hoffman and K. Johnson. “Women's Health and Managed Care: Implications for the Training of Primary Care Physicians,”
J Am     Wom Med Assoc, 50, no. 1, 1995.
Faculty sponsor & advisor for: E.Schur and J. Nicolette, “Students Support a New Specialty,” Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin,  
      1995, pp. 34-37.
1997    M. Nelson, J. Nicolette, K. Johnson, "Integration or Evolution: Women's Health as a Model for Interdisciplinary Change in          
      Medical Education," Academic Medicine, 72; 9.
            E. Hoffman, P. Maraldo, H. Coons, K. Johnson, "The Women-Centered Health Care Team: Integrating Perspectives from                     Managed Care, Women’s Health, and the Health Professional Workforce," Women’s Health Issues, 7, no. 6, 1997,

1979-present    >200 presentations for the public
1991    K. Johnson, Trusting Ourselves: The Complete Guide to
        Emotional Well-Being for Women, Atlantic Monthly Press


1976-77    Clinician, Family Health & Migrant Health Clinics, MSU
1977-81    Resident, Psychiatry, MSU
1982-85    Staff Psychiatrist, Women's Health Resource, IMMC, Chicago
1985-87    Staff Psychiatrist, HealthWorks for Women, UCSF Mt. Zion, San Francisco
1988-89    Co-founder, BaySpring Medical Group, SF
1990-present    Independent solo practice specializing in psychotherapy with medication if necessary for depression and anxiety, SF & Oakland, CA