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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Mind-Body Medicine

Our brain is an amazing organ!  It literally commands and controls everything that happens in our body.  Through an intricate network of nerves and chemical messengers, it does a great deal of its work "in the background."  Most of the time we simply do not have to think about the primary functions of our body.  Our brain and its extensive system of nerves (collectively called the central and peripheral nervous system) tend to our heartbeat, breathing, absorption of nutrients, processing of toxins and our mood with little or no conscious effort on our part.

When we think about the complexity of the human brain and the enormity of its responsibilities, it is hardly surprising that systems sometimes go haywire or aren't 100% developed and maintained across our lifespan.

That's where our work comes in.  Yours and mine.

You contact me because something is causing you distress.  My responsibility is to listen carefully to your description of this distress in the context of your unique life experience.  Your responsibility is to be as honest and thorough about your experience as you can.  Together we bring our mutual knowledge and expertise to understand and address the source of your distress.

Although my primary intervention is psychotherapy, I strive to achieve a balanced biopsychosocial approach to your care.  I am well versed in complimentary and alternative healing practices as well as the value of safe and effective vitamins, herbal and other supplements.