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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Services Provided

I reduced my practice to part-time and am unable to accept new patients.  However, if you have been one of my patients in the past please contact me so we can determine together if I can again be of help.  The best way to reach me is by text (415-647-2353) or confidential email (drkarenjohnson@hushmail.com). 

Alternatively, you may leave a voice message on my phone (415-647-2353).  However, I check my voicemail less frequently than the previous two options.  Voice messages do not always record clearly.  Also, I have a lifelong hearing deficit that resulted in me lip reading to augment my understanding of speech.

Commonly people who contact me are experiencing depression and/or anxiety, problems with relationships, issues of low self-esteem, medical or health problems that create psychological concerns, experiences of loss and grief, work or career issues, stress management or conflict resolution.

Other than Blue Shield, few insurance companies still have me on their provider plans even though their directories may say otherwise.  Thus, generally our meeting will be based on self-payment. 

We can discuss the fee.